Yay, MMDA!

It’s very rare for people to say good things about the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). I for one am guilty when it comes to sharing criticisms about them. I guess, MMDA is synonymous to traffic congestion, most especially when it comes to managing one of the main roads in the country, EDSA. I traverse EDSA every day and I must say it’s not fun, I’ve been stuck in EDSA far too many times and far too long.

Today is different, I was on my way home from work when I accidentally hit the small concrete barriers that separates the buses from the private cars in Guadalupe. I hit the barrier hard that I got a flat tire. It was so bad that I can feel my steering wheel going out of control. I had to stop in front of the Pet Plans building which right across the MMDA main office. I asked for help if they can have my car towed to the nearest tire shop. It took them a while to have a tow truck over. A rescue tow truck arrived however, they cannot lift my due to some chains missing they had to call for back up. The second tow truck came from Ortigas and it was the group who helped me out (thank you, mga sir!”) Also, there were two MMDA officers who assisted me and made sure I was safe the entire time.

The MMDA may not be the perfect department. There are still flaws within their systems however today, they were heroes. They were my heroes. The rescue team lead actually said something “Andito kami para sa public service.”

Saludo ako mga sir! Salamat po!

Photo credit: wikipedia.org