Bye FY 17


The past two years have been really challenging for me. A lot has happened both in my personal and professional life that has taken its toll on me. It took me a lot of effort to turn things around, it wasn’t easy but there were a lot of people who encouraged me along the way and made me realize that I am not alone.

I have been gifted with people who are always ready to encourage. I am lucky to be surrounded with people who doesn’t judge and still sees my strengths in moments that I was in my lowest.


My family has been and forever will be my backbone. After a long day of struggles, i come home to their smiles and warm hugs. They may never understand what I do or the struggles I face at work, but they know me – the real me. For the most part, that is what I need someone who will remind me of my core, my being and what really matters.

FY18 is about to start, I am starting a new chapter in my career and I hope that this year will be remarkable. I have slayed my dragons before, I hope to slay some more. 🙂

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