Feels like nineteen-sixty-eight

For years I have been reading articles about love. I have even gone through sites like wiki-how and Pinterest to find the meaning of Love, how to know if you’re in love or how to know if a guy likes you. I have always tried to decipher love based on my little to no knowledge of what love is all about. Little did I know that the best resources for anything and everything love has been in my life for the past 30 years.

My Dad Alex and Mom Sergia
The photo behind them was their wedding photo back in September 14, 1968

 Today we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents. For the first time we’ve actually celebrated something common between them – their marriage. We’ve celebrated my parents’ individual milestones but never something that they share. It blew my mind when I saw pictures of my parents back in 1968. They have changed a lot! Physical changes were evident, however, more than anything the love they have has definitely evolved. Seeing them now made me realize the love is definitely hard work. It was evident in their actions, their responses, the look they give each other and just how they deal with each other’s weirdness. Celebrating their 50th year of togetherness taught me that I have the best love sources in the planet, 50 years together? They must have done something good! I think whatever they are doing works and works well.

Seeing my parents together is a constant reminder that love is a choice. Every day we choose the person we love over all the chaos and even if you hate each other, you still choose the person you’re with. My parents have their moments, lots of ups and downs and yet here we are 50 years strong. My parents’ marriage has shown me that there will be dark days, I have seen them quarrel like there is no tomorrow. There were instances wherein they won’t talk for days. Whenever they have those episodes, I become their one and only messenger.


Our family has grown and I owe it to my parents for raising us well. I know it was never easy but when they chose to be together in 1968, they went all the way! They’ve taught me that love can be expressed in many ways. They’ve taught me that love multiplies and it is freely given. They may hate each other at times, but whenever someone does not feel well or is going through tough times they look for each other and hold on to each other’s strength. I value their relationship so much because it makes me believe that forever does exist.

The past few years have been challenging given my parents are not getting any younger, however; they have such a strong partnership that they’re not letting go. They are my own source of strength, I face each day’s challenge because I know I have them with me. I owe my parents everything that I have. I live a full and blessed life because of their desire to give us a bright future. They are indeed partners for life.

It all started with two people who fell in love, uncertain of the future but chose to be together. Now, here they are stronger than ever. They are both living their best life.  I look forward to more adventures, fun moments and togetherness. We still have a long way to go – long life to live. Again, I owe my life to you both. I am extremely proud to be your daughter. I thank the Lord for blessing you both with good health (given our] ages) and super blessed and comfortable life. Cheers to another 50 years!