The struggle is real… so real.

I have always wondered when the right guy will come and when is the right time. I have always thought it was something that will never happen to me given how society defines beauty. I am not the definition of beautiful, if you look at all the pictures on social media and in magazines – I would offend them. Okay, i am exaggerating but you get the picture. All throughout my younger years, I have always been labeled as the friend. I was always one with the boys but never the girlfriend. I remember a classmate mention that if I wasn’t chubby, I can be a good prospect. It kinda hurt because I knew that my size will always be an issue for most people. [I am munching on left over pizza and yakisoba as I write this entry. pfft] A part of me has always been used to my single-blessedness; however, there are moments wherein I just want to say fck this sh*t. lols

Articles tell you that that your time will come. Focus on yourself and you’ll have your moment. Learn to love yourself first before love finds you. There must be steps to follow or some logic that I am not getting (lol) May be i am lost in some step that leads to self discovery. Just like everyone else I am trying to figure out this whole relationship thing. Being 32 and single doesn’t hell ya’ll. haha

I hope and pray that my time will come. I have always hoped that there is someone out there for me. He will come when we’re both ready. All in God’s time, in His perfect time.