Have faith in love

Jollibee created another tearjerker just in time for Valentines.

Have faith in love. We all make choices and sometimes we realize that “shit, i just made the biggest mistake.” However, I strongly believe that every thing happens for a reason and that all things happen because they are meant to happen. We missed the bus, because we are supposed to miss it. We have to learn to live without regrets or what-ifs because it brings in guilt. The feeling of guilt stops us from living the best life ever.

Love has definitely taught us good and bad things. Love has also brought out the worst and best in people. And I think, love has taught us to live and taught us to retreat all at the same time. The Jollibee commercial has shown us that we all have to make choices. To let go of the past to live the best present and future that we can ever dream of. It is never easy to let go; however, it is the only thing that separates us from a life of true happiness. They always say that by ending something prepares us for an awesome beginning. We have to learn to be brave, brave enough to face the consequences and risks that come with making a choice. I pray every day that I make the right choice not just in love but in life. I also pray that once I make the choice, I am ready to face all that comes with it.

I pray that you make a choice that you’ll not be afraid to make.
Have faith in love. Have faith in you.

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