Happy Birthday, Daddy!

*** A late post ***
Today is my daddy’s 77th birthday and I am elated to celebrate it with my entire family. My dad has always been a constant source of strength in our family. I believe that his desire to provide us with all we need and want, was his driving force in everything he has done, doing and will be doing. I am grateful for the life he created and dreamt for us.

There were good and bad times; however, I strongly believe that the love our family has for each other helped us make it through. My dad may not be the perfect father but he is perfect and made for me. The love he has for our family surpasses the mistakes he has done. I believe that our future relationships are determined by the home we grew up in. Also, our view of men are also set by our fathers. My dad sure set the standards high.

I am a fan of my dad’s strong faith in God. He has very strong values and he values his relationship with the Lord. He is a man who is always ready to fight adversities with prayer and strong faith. He has always been a good example to us of a faithful follower. I strongly believe that all our good fortunes and blessings are because of his wonderful relationship with God.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you always in all ways.
We love our daddy very much! 🙂
God bless you, dad!