Wisdom at the time of Corona

2020 has only just begun and it almost feels like the year is almost over. The Philippines has gone through a lot over the past three months that it seems like we are ready to welcome 2021. From the Taal Volcano eruption to African Swine Flu (ASF) outbreak and now the Corona Virus Pandemic. It seems that the end of this phase is far from over and in times like these we need to hold on to our faith and in the belief that this too shall pass.

March started with the dawn of a possibility of a Metro Manila Lockdown. I was not sure how it will turn out but I was hopeful that it is not as bad as what the media is portraying it to be. The threat of COVID-19 hitting the country is slowly becoming possible and when the report of the first community acquired infection was reported, I knew that life will never be the same. An exaggeration for some, but if you live with two senior citizens (both high risk for infection) and you know its time to hit the high road.

Currently, I am on Day 13 of quarantine and I am bored AF. However, I believe that by staying home, not only do I keep myself away from the virus but also my parents will have higher chances of not getting infected. Those are enough reasons for me to keep my bored butt at home. It ain’t easy but for the greater good we should learn to abide by the rules.

In the midst of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), there are a lot of things to be thankful for. First, people are reminded of God’s strength. Also, people are reminded that He will not let his people down. Bend your knees and pray to Him. Second, nature is healing. Based on ABS CBN news, there has been a 180% decrease in PM2.5 since the quarantine started (click link). Mother Nature needs a breather and it finally got the much needed break. Third, family time. In a fast-paced world like ours we often times forget to spent time with the people we value the most. Now, we are in our home sharing meals, spending time and just sharing stories as we wait for this pandemic to subside. Fourth, Bayanihan is seen everywhere. Many organizations and individuals have come together to help our frontliners and less fortunate filipinos. Fifth, ECQ taught us patience. Yesterday, I waited in line for 4 hours to get in the grocery store and waited for another 2.5 hours to check out. I must say we were all tired but not a single person was angry. We all waited patiently for our turn and followed the rules of the establishment. Sometimes its easy to be angry and frustrated with the situation but I am proud to say that we were all adults playing with our phones while waiting (lol). Lastly, the dedication of our frontliners. It is not easy to help people when you have a high percentage of getting infected. Our frontliners are not just the health care professionals, volunteers, police and military but also the cashiers, bagger boys, guards, back office employees, etc. who go to work every day to help our country to survive this pandemic. There are more things to be thankful for and I am sure this list can go on and on. We should do our share by staying indoors and washing our hands.

If you want to help our frontliners, please don’t hesitate to visit rappler.com for the list of organizations who need your help in this time of great need. Also, there are other individuals who are also doing their share of fundraising events/efforts for our frontliners and less fortunate kababayans.

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Let’s all remain positive! Follow social distancing and please wash your hands. Stay at home people!