Day 44 of Quarantine

Life has gone topsy-turvy and I don’t even know what day it is or what month we are in. I just count the days from the last time I reported to the office. It’s been 44 days. Wow! 44 days. Our lives have definitely changed. We are all in a stand still and we don’t know when we will go back to normal or if we will ever be back to normal.

There are moments wherein I feel scared of the unknown. The news has brought nothing but dread,(honestly speaking) and socmed brought nothing but the worst in most people. There is too much going on both positive and negative that it has become overwhelming for all of us. I still believe in the good among people and I know that is also what we want. I guess, it’s a matter of being conscious and choosing goodness.

Let us all be reminded of the bigger purpose. Also, let us be reminded that God is always watching over us. I hope and pray that we all come out of this experience as better version of ourselves.