Day 202: The Pause we all needed

The pandemic has definitely taught me new things. It has tested my patience and resilience among others. I have a feeling there are still a lot more to learn. One more thing I have learned and came to accept is the Pause. The Pause in our daily activities due to quarantine rules. The Pause in seeing friends and relatives because we needed to stop the spread of the virus. The Pause to travel and explore places we’ve never seen. On the other hand, The Pause taught us to be more present when we are with our families. The Pause has shown us that we are living a life that relies on socmed way to much. The Pause allowed us to see our hidden talents and interests. The Pause also gave us a moment to reflect on the things we’ve done and the what ifs that come with it.

The Pause gave me a moment to reflect over some things, people and moments that I miss. Since I know myself well (as if), my go-to habit when I am sad is to look for quotes in Pinterest that suites my current mood (see here). Moving on (insert rolling eye emoji), I have come across some quotes that hit the mark. One of which is, someone’s effort equates to their interest to you. I know, I know its not the exact quote, but its between those lines. It dawned to me, I remember You! Yes, you! Maybe you will never be able to read this post but I just want you to know, that The Pause made me appreciate and loathe you at the same time. Is that even possible? I guess, because that is how I am feeling at times. Ok, ok! I am beginning to blabber again but I know you’re getting me (maybe). LOL

Sometimes I wonder, Am I that ugly to not attract a mate. Years passed and my encounter of the Pause I am beginning to learn more about me. I have a feeling I need this Pause to help me see things in a different perspective. Lord, when will it be my turn? Will he ever see me differently or will I always be the good friend? I am going off topic and I think this section deserves its one post. One of these days, i will give you a peep in my so-called love life. BWAHAHAHA

Trust your version of The Pause, you’ll need it.