10 mons.

10 months have passed since I last posted something here, a lot has changed. Oh, boy! a lot has definitely changed. My job description has changed, people I care about left, a few people I knew lost families members, and the world will never be the same. But! one thing is still happening, f*cking Covid!

It’s 3:52 AM in what is supposed to be my Vacation leave, watching Grey’s Anatomy in Netflix. We just celebrated my Mom’s 88th birthday and I am not sure why I am not sleeping yet. A part of me is thinking of what is happening at work and what my trainers are going through. I am thinking about WORK! Am I married to my work? My work life has changed, I have a team now. I am responsible for two sites with 9 trainers and 3 SME interns. My work world has turned upside down. Work life has definitely changed.

People i care for the most left for greener pastures. Life has a funny way of “removing” people in our lives. I miss him dearly however, I strongly believe that he is happy where life took him. We will see each other in time or maybe not. I am slowly letting go of the ‘what ifs’. I will be okay, I will feel like myself again.

Covid on the other hand, decided to stay longer than expected. As of this writing, we are on our 3rd ECQ. We are facing a deadly variant (Delta) and apparently, there is a new variant transmitted LOCALLY (Lambda). To be fair, my parents and sister are fully vaccinated (J&J and SinoVac). I on the other hand, will have my 2nd dose (Moderna) by the end of the month. I hope and pray that this pandemic ends soon. It has never been easy for anyone. I pray that we all get out of this pandemic unscathed. We all look forward to going back to being normal, going out, being with family and friends without face masks AND face shields.

One day.
Hopefully not after another 10 months.