People often times ask for permission for various reasons. There are times wherein we ask our parents if we can be excused during dinner. If we wanted to go out with friends, we ask permission from our parents or someone older. Sometimes we also ask permission to leave a situation wherein we feel uncomfortable, even if it’s not the right action but we feel like were compelled to do so.

Permissions, why are they even important I guess we feel like we are morally required to ask for it or sometimes our values taught us to ask for permission. It seems like we always ask permission from someone else but have we ever tried asking permission from ourselves. I think it’s hard to ask permission from ourselves because we become accountable to our actions.

A couple of months back, I had a meaningful conversation with a colleague and she told me, “Mia, I hope one day you will give yourself permission to want what you want.” Boom! My head exploded and i realized I was picking up pieces of my brain on the floor. Haha It hit me hard. Think about it, have you allowed yourself to do what you want? What you really really want? It may be the a piece of cake, your weekend plans or your next career move. My wish for myself is that I give myself permission to really want what I WANT.

So, permission? Easy to say but difficult to execute. I will put two and two together someday. How I am not so sure, but I know it will come to me. Just like the other challenges I experienced before and the other uncertainties that I have managed to overcome.

How bout you? Have you given yourself permission to want what you want? Tell me.