I rarely write about Him, but today I will.

I always say that we all go through phases. We should all embrace the phase we are in and learn from it. The people we meet, the emotions we go through are all meant to be part of a phase. A phase that we should all learn to embrace and outgrow. I am currently going through a phase of uncertainty. Something that I am uncomfortable experiencing because I hate being uncertain about things. I can be indecisive at times, but I know I just have to make a choice, I know I am going somewhere. I am just not sure which one though. The past year has been a year of changes. I am wired to follow a certain structure. I grew up always knowing what is next for me. However, my life now is the total opposite. I am going through life-like I am blind-folded or something.

These past months have been challenging. I am doubting my decision to “just keep swimming”. However, someone has convinced me that there is more to life than being uncertain. I rarely post about You, but today I will. I am not comfortable professing my faith not because I don’t believe in God. I just have the highest out most regard for Him that I don’t want to just talk about Him too much. I believe that my relationship with the Father is something that is just between me and Him. Today, was day of realization for me. It wasn’t just the recognition (which was a good surprise) it was more of how He made me realize that there is more to life than being uncertain, that there is something constant in this world. He always comes at the right time and at the right moment. It’s not even about me anymore, it was more of how He showed that life completely beats in a certain rhythm. In moments that there is chaos, calm will arise. In uncertainty, there should be faith.

A stronger sense of faith was restored today. I always knew that I have Him by my side, He has always delivered and always more. My ongoing phase was shaken by the strength of His power and His timing. My uncertainty/restlessness/anxiety phase is slowly “melted” by the strength of His love. I am not saying that I am feeling perfectly fine, I still have my moments however, I go back to the feeling of letting all the worries go. Now, the quote, “Let Go, Let God” has a whole new meaning for me.