Yay, MMDA!

It’s very rare for people to say good things about the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). I for one am guilty when it comes to sharing criticisms about them. I guess, MMDA is synonymous to traffic congestion, most especially when it comes to managing one of the main roads in the country, EDSA. I traverse EDSA every day and I must say it’s not fun, I’ve been stuck in EDSA far too many times and far too long.

Today is different, I was on my way home from work when I accidentally hit the small concrete barriers that separates the buses from the private cars in Guadalupe. I hit the barrier hard that I got a flat tire. It was so bad that I can feel my steering wheel going out of control. I had to stop in front of the Pet Plans building which right across the MMDA main office. I asked for help if they can have my car towed to the nearest tire shop. It took them a while to have a tow truck over. A rescue tow truck arrived however, they cannot lift my due to some chains missing they had to call for back up. The second tow truck came from Ortigas and it was the group who helped me out (thank you, mga sir!”) Also, there were two MMDA officers who assisted me and made sure I was safe the entire time.

The MMDA may not be the perfect department. There are still flaws within their systems however today, they were heroes. They were my heroes. The rescue team lead actually said something “Andito kami para sa public service.”

Saludo ako mga sir! Salamat po!

Photo credit: wikipedia.org

I found hell in Coastal Road’s Tollgate

It takes a lot of skill to be a driver in Manila. Believe me when I say that for the longest time that I have been driving, what I have experienced is not even half of what happens on a daily basis in Manila traffic. I have experienced being stuck in EDSA for four (4) freakin’ hours because of an unexpected rain shower. I have my fair share of PUV drivers who drive recklessly on highways, national roads, etc just to get passengers. I’ve seen how crazy bus drivers can be, they don’t care if there are cars near them, all that matters is to get as many people as they can. Motorcycle drivers are also my latest pet peeve, how they arrogantly drive their motorcycles not even taking into account that there are specific lanes that they should occupy.

However, one takes the ultimate prize. The Coastal Road Tollgate, i must say not a day passes by without me cussing inside my car. Every day, and i say every day regardless if i am on my way to work (at night) or on my way home (in the morning) its still the same saga that I face all the time. What I don’t understand is how the lanes (ETAP, RFID, BEEP/CASH, etc) are arranged in the freakin’ tollgate. It’s in the middle of all the CASH lanes that all people if not 90% of drivers use. Before I even get into the booth, I’ve already spent almost an HOUR of my time just to traverse the crazy line of cars, vans, jeeps, buses, etc. Just imagine, AN HOUR to pay your toll and when you’ve successfully traversed the craziness, all you will see is an all clear ETAP lane! It’s just unbelievable!

What irritates me that most is when you ask the security guards that are stationed in the RFID lane, they would give lame answers if not stupid answers that makes the situation all the more aggravating. One time, we confronted a teller (i am sorry miss, i know its not your responsibility) and asked for someone to deal with the congestion, her reply was “marami po kasing nakaharang” I know! I am not blind, I can perfectly see na maraming nakaharang. Then some guard will intervene and say “Puro po kasi bago yung mga tao” Is it our fault as drivers? Do something about it!

We made an effort and spent money availing the etap card and rfid because we wanted to get through the tollgate in the fastest way possible. However, I don’t get it why the Cavitex people don’t realize that everyday is hell in Coastal road.

Hindi po libre ang pag gamit ng Coastal road, kaya nga po kami ng-avail ng ETAP or RFID kasi gusto namin makadaan ng tollgate ng matiwasay at mabilis. Please lang, wag na natin hintayin na may magkarambola, mgkainitan ng ulo, mgkabarilan or mgkasakitan sa kalsada para mapansin nyo yung hirap na pinagdadaanan namin mga motorista, araw-araw. Gawan nyo ng paraa yan mga sir. Isipin mabuti ang mga sinasabi kasi hindi nakakatuwa.